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My playlist has reached the end, and I’m not even halfway through the route. The whole city is in chaos. A few hours ago I would not have imagined that I would spend this Thursday afternoon stuck in Bucharest traffic. But a call received at lunch changed my plans and, of course, my good mood.

I’m barely ahead of Kiseleff and realize how rushed we’ve all become. We run daily among tasks and any drive in the city, especially at rush hour, has become excruciating.

The last traffic light and the last half hour. Maybe I should take this time to myself and reflect on all the well-being we came back with from our last vacation, but lost so quickly in the hustle and bustle of the city. I intend to even banish the disappointment that tonight, instead of partying together, we will be hosting Alex’s cousin, who will be arriving at the airport soon.

I look at my watch and realize that I will make it just before the plane lands, and this reassures me. So this is a good time to call my husband:

– Hey! Are you done with the meeting?

– Ela, I’m glad you called me! Meeting? Aaah… yes, just a few minutes ago.

– Honey, are you ok?

– Sure. I start to cook something easy. By the time you get home, everything will be ready.

– Hmm, that sounds good!

– By the way, Ela, thank you for your help! If he had notified me ahead of time, I would have gone to the airport myself.

– It’s okay, you know I’d do anything for you.

– My wonderful wife!

– How long did you say your cousin would stay with us?

– Just one night, baby. He will be leaving for a class tomorrow morning.

– I arrived at the airport, I have to close. See you at home.

– Do not forget that I love you!

I hang up and smile with his words on my lips, “I love you too!” I glance back at the package waiting on the back seat – it’s my present for him – a red lace bodysuit that I was planning to wear tonight. But I will wait for the weekend to surprize him. With this image in mind, I get out of the car and dreamily set off towards Arrivals. I pass by dozens of travelers and try to imagine what emotions each carries in their soul, where they are running or to whom.

Without realizing it, someone takes my hand and kisses it elegantly.

– I kiss your hand, Ela! Did I scared you?

– Robert?! Hi!

I’m stuck. My whole body freezes with emotion and I can’t find the words. And he feels it. He grasps both of my hands and looks at me disturbingly intensely.

– I am glad to see you again! You are still beautiful!

My heart is pounding so hard, in a deafening rhythm, that I can barely hear everything he is saying to me. I didn’t expect to meet R. right here, at such an inappropriate moment, among so many unfamiliar faces, who suddenly seem to stare at me, as if they understand my emotion.

– Excuse me, Robert! I’m in a hurry.

I don’t know how I managed to articulate these words, but I think the feeling of panic has now replaced that of amazement. My husband’s cousin is about to make an appearance and the last thing I’d want right now is for him to find me in the company of R. So I withdraw my hands and hide them in the deep pockets of my coat.

– Ela, who are you waiting for?

He persistently tries to find my gaze, luring me in with his warm voice. The way he pronounces my name has an erotic charge that overwhelms me. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other and I realize how much I’ve missed him. I can hardly find an answer to his question.

– An acquaintance… he comes from Cluj… he landed.

He smiles widely and leans closer to my ear, pressing his warm cheek against mine.

– Do you really think it’s a coincidence that we met here? What if I told you that you came to the airport tonight for me?

And as he finishes speaking the last question, he gently kisses my earlobe in an attempt to calm my emotions. If a few minutes ago I felt cold shivers all over my body, now I am suffocated by waves of heat. I’m dripping wet and he knows it.

– I’ve always wanted to kiss you in public, and this moment is extremely appropriate.

And without waiting for my approval, he embraces me tightly around the waist and kisses me with all the passion of a man in love. Right there, in the middle of the airport, among so many travelers, ignoring the fear of being recognized by someone. Or maybe it’s this feeling that turns us both on so much that we prolong the moment until our hearts stop beating.

– I suppose my husband knows about this… coincidence.

– It was his idea. I just told him that I was passing through Bucharest, and he invited me to your place. I understand that our plan took you by surprise, so we’ve both decided to let you choose. If you’re not comfortable with his proposal, I can go to a hotel tonight.

Only at this moment do I really realize that R. is the person I was supposed to pick up from the airport and bring to the intimacy of my house. In my mind, the changes of plans in the last hundred meters, the discussions with Alex and his attitude from yesterday and today begin to make sense. I felt him more excited than usual, but nothing made me think of what was to come. And now I am faced with a not easy decision, which breaks the boundaries drawn by us since the beginning. We always organized the threesomes in a neutral setting, comfortable for each of us. Even with R. we have so many beautiful and intense memories, in different locations. Never at any of our houses.

– I think it would be better to stay at the hotel. Come on, it’s on my way. If the traffic has calmed down…, we arrive in 30 minutes.

From now on, I avoid looking him in the eyes, for fear that I will give in to the emotions of seeing each other. I think about Alex and his proposal and try to find a trace of anger inside me, but I realize that I feel nothing but delight. I am delighted by his audacity, … theirs, … the plan they have outlined together, without me realizing it. But I’m afraid of crossing the line of privacy. To penetrate our universe as a couple, as a family and to discover details that until now I kept only for me and Alex – these are thoughts that I haven’t had time to get used to.

Arriving in the parking lot, R. stops me right next to the car and grabs my arm with the intention of kissing me again. He reaches his other hand down toward his thighs, looking for an access point. My tongue goes deep between his lips in a passionate kiss, sensing what he intends to do. We lean against the car door and he undoes the last button on my coat, then gently lifts my skirt to feel the heat between my legs. The moment he touches the wetness of my panties, R. goes wild with pleasure and smothers me with his kiss, and I begin to let out long moans, not caring that I might be heard. We are hypnotized by emotions. His fingers slip past the wet lace and plunge deep into my warm vagina, emptying my body of new thrills. All around us the seconds melt with our muffled moans.

In all this sex play, I still manage to feel the brief vibration of my phone in my pocket. And as we both sense that Alex is the sender of the message, we smile curiously and read: “Dinner is ready. I’m waiting for you?”

– I think it’s time to go… to the hotel. I am sorry!

– Okay, Ela. I don’t want you to feel any pressure from me or Alex. I admit that I miss you like crazy and I would like to take every second to kiss and taste you, but I respect your decision.

We both get into the car, giddy with emotions, but upset by my refusal. I start the car and as I leave the airport parking lot, I begin to realize that the man with whom I experienced the most intense erotic moments is right next to me. Patient, charming, romantic. The red lights in front of me force me to walk slowly down the main avenue and give me time to project my image of tomorrow morning, naked, in my bed, between the men I adore the most.

We manage to get past the Arc, but we’re moving forward with difficulty in traffic. Still silent, we just glance at each other and smile. I feel my cheeks burning, like after our last meeting in the mountains, when Alex asked him to slap my face in a subtle game of submission. Another traffic light, another intense stare that makes me throw my head back and give voice to every shiver. He stretches his fingers to my parted lips and makes me think we both remember the feel of the wet cock we sucked together last time.

I take his wrist and guide it down to my thighs. I want him closer, more intimate, intense, so I spread my legs and pull aside the lace, revealing hot lips very close to his fingers. Our eyes meet again and I sense him confused. In a split second he looks at the surrounding cars and scans the residential area where we stopped. He realizes that I didn’t resist the temptation and drove non-stop all the way home. He presses my lips hard to moisten his fingers, then places them on my lips.

I begin to gather courage and ignore any trace of fear. I make the decision to let R discover another side of me, much more personal, at our house.

– Alex is waiting for us with dinner. You are our guest.

Before getting out of the car, I go back to the back seat to retrieve my package. Tonight I will wear red.


  • Anonymous

    It is a well-written story. The lustful event became so meaningful when Ella knows that his husband and R. Has spent such effort to make her to be contended. The last by of it, I guess Alex just have to wait for your next purchase of lingerie.

  • henry

    thanks for all you pictures
    and thanks to ellen for her blog with videos
    i realy like here storys and writings
    the videos are of good qwality and extremely erotic
    because of the fact there is alex allways near even helping
    and try out the guys before lol.
    there are her breast swinging in rhythm, her bull ponding hard on here
    and there is alex. with his tshirt and ,,,,,,
    i wrote more on flick as it is more private

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