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How I Became a Hotwife (Part 3)

If you’ve already read the beginning of the story about how I became a hotwife, I want to tell you now about the moment when I accepted the first meeting with another man. As I revealed to you here, it all started with a fantasy of my husband, long before we got married. The vehement refusal on my part lasted several years. Although there have been attempts to bring the fantasy back into question, my husband has shown a great deal of patience.

But shortly after we got married, I began to look at his proposal with different eyes. Looking back, I can’t tell you exactly whether the security of the new status of “my husband’s lady” was to blame, or I just got used to the idea of ​​a another man in my bed.

The minimum condition to become a hotwife is to be the wife of a man very much in love with you.

That I love Alex – I know for a long time, that he loves me – I know from the beginning, but being married has brought us long-term stability. We are not used to project irresponsible erotic entertainment, because we care about the couple’s evolution, its development. We are attentive to the other’s needs and we manage to satisfy them, but within our own comfort.

Drop by drop

This is Alex’s technique with which he has often been successful. The tactful approach, both in moments of excitement and in everyday moments (at coffee or in the car) contributed to the “implantation” of the idea in my mind. Drop by drop. We recently saw the movie Inception again and we had fun together when we realized that this is how I became a hotwife.

Lots of chemistry. From the first moment.

I started this series of confessions, assuming that I will share with you details behind our story. I’m a beautiful woman. And very much loved by my husband. He knows me so well that I am impressed by his attention to detail when making the selection of men he would like to share me with.

And his first (real) proposal was successful. The man he introduced me to, the one with whom we experienced this lifestyle for the first time, was to my taste. There was chemistry between us from the first moment. Half an hour after I met, I spread my legs for him, right in front of my husband who admired us fascinated from a corner of the room. Beyond the tense moments, I liked to find myself in the arms of another man. While Alex confused me with his happiness.

Challenge: what are the steps from wife to hotwife?

In the end, I ask you to express your opinion: what do you think is the motivation of a wife to become a hotwife?
I can’t wait to read your answer in the comments.
In the meantime, I’m starting to write new confessions.

(This passage is part of a series of confessions.)


    • Hellen

      Is it true, but is it enough?
      Beyond the pleasure offered and received, what role does the delight that a hot wife sees in her husband’s eyes play?

    • Steve

      Great summary of your exploring.
      We had shared with another couple before we were married and continued after marriage. Kids and careers came along and we drifted apart. My thoughts of sharing my wife became a reality again after first child as she felt less attractive, but meeting others in chat rooms who pumped her up so she shared pics and eventually one guy struck her right.
      I encouraged her to explore her feelings and she met him at a local spa and they enjoyed a hot tub, then massage table then mounting each other on the table. She returned to me tired, full of his cum and slightly confused as to why she enjoyed it so much.I asked her if she was okay she said yes and decided to continue seeing him off and on for the next year always returning to me more tired and more cum inside her than previous encounters. . My wife was now my hotwife. She enjoyed the attention and made her feel desirable and lusted for.
      Many stories since those days, mostly with me attending and watching other men enjoying her, and it has always added to our relationship.

  • Carla

    Beautiful texts. About the steps, I still do not know, because since 2017 my husband proves to be similar to his, but I’m afraid … kisses. Casalinsigne from Brasil.

    • Hellen

      Carla, thank you for your message and confession!
      As you probably discovered in previous texts, in our case, it took many years to take the step. Because, as you said, there was a lot of fear. Both husband and wife need to feel comfortable with this decision.

  • Mike

    In my opinion the motivation is simple. The absolute love for her husband. Becoming a hotwife is about giving her husband that beautiful, erotic sight many of us dream of. What could be more beautiful than watching your wife been taken in front of you? So yes, I will say is love.

  • Nudistaportus

    I think this is a difficult answer.In our case, the opportunity arose with some lifelong friends with whom we went to nudist beaches some weekends. Little by little my wife fell in love with my friend, and when the opportunity arose to make love with him one night out, she didn’t hesitate, because she knew about my fantasies. We had talked about it on many occasions. After fucking him, the next day she told me everything that happened, it was very exciting and a sign of love. We talked about it for months, and the situations were repeated. Her boyfriend, as she called him, lasted five years. We lived very passionate moments.

  • Arthur G

    I’ve been curious about this also, but my fantasy comes from wanting to see my girlfriend with a better endowed man. Did penis size come into play with your becoming a hotwife?

    • Thomas 31

      Ciao ,.. bella Hellen ti adoro tanto sei superba, fantastica , sensuale ( quando fai sesso sei reale vivi uni momento è lo fai con passione ,.. mi piacerebbe tanto convicere mia moglie a esere come Te,.. ma non so proprio come fare ,.. ho bisogno di cosili da parte Tua bella Hellen,.. spero di convincerla un giorno di fare un bel trio con altro maschio,…

  • James

    Hellen, I absolutely love your honest and heart felt comments/confessions… especially your initial reluctance to participate in Alex’s fantasties… It’s so refreshing to see the soul and erotism that is the beautiful part of a hotwife lifestyle. I’ve been a big fan of yours since Xhamster, so glad to see you here, posting new videos and blogs! You and Alex are wonderful humans, thank you so much for sharing your incredible adventures 😉

  • Baffo

    Your question is: what do you think is the motivation of a wife to become a hotwife?
    I don’t have an answer because I still haven’t been able to find the right key to open that door in my wife’s head, even though we’ve been married for over 30 years and my drip job has been going on for at least 15 years.
    We play exhibitionism with her, we exchange fantasies, but she doesn’t give in to push our level of “transgression” higher
    I read your confessions with attention and excitement, I admire your sexuality so open and I envy both your husband and your lovers.
    A kiss from Italy

  • Thomas 31

    Salut Ella,.. te ador mult, esti o nevasta fantastică ,.. ești deziderio oricărui bărbat ( soț ),.. ai o frumusețe rară ( naturală ) in putine cuvinte ești sexy și mult provocanta ,.. dar nu uita acest mesaj ,… ” O nevasta frumoasă nu este doar pentru un singur bărbat ” !…

  • john.mill

    Glad Ella you and your hubby did this. It is tho most exciting thing change cocs from time to time. Glad you are in!

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