How I Became a Hotwife (part 2)

Fantasy and Reality

When two people are involved in a long-term, stable and comfortable relationship, any fantasy can be anchored in the couple’s life. Beyond the state of excitement and pleasure, we must recognize that fantasies open windows to their own desires. Which we either share or keep for personal satisfaction.

I hope you agree with me when I say that a relationship with moments of sincerity in intimacy is healthy for both partners. When each reveals more and more about himself, he or she gives the other the opportunity to know him or her better. And maybe to understand it.

Although I know many of my husband’s fantasies, I admit that I do not always understand him.

When we bring our fantasies into the real world, they simply become experiences. And other new fantasies are taking their place in our minds and on our lips. But when we turn sexual dreams into reality, we must not forget that each person has their own psychological barriers that, most of the time, do not overlap with those of the life partner.

For a long time my limit was the pattern of marriage. His limit was always beyond.

After the fantasy of posting intimate pictures on different platforms became a reality, my husband told me about a new desire – to really share me with someone else. That was the moment when I felt that I had reached the end, because I had reached my psychological limits. My need to belong was no longer satisfied. Because the new fantasy he brought to the couple put me in the position of no longer just being his.

So, at that point, my husband’s approach was cautious – he abandoned the subject for a while, moving the fantasy back into his mind.

This fantasy no longer exists, because in the meantime it has become a reality. But in retrospect, I realize that the two of us have managed to shape our own barriers and patiently push them higher and higher.

(This post is from a series of confessions about how I became a hotwife. If you want to read the first part, you can find it here.)


  • Melinda Paul

    Thank you for sharing your honest and sincere feelings about this. My husband and I have embarked upon our own, similar journey. I broke down and cried as I mourned the loss of being my husband’s only woman and that he was my only man. Some would apply labels to what Paul and I live and how we love. There is no one else for me but my husband nor could any of my lovers unseat him from the place he holds in my heart and being. There is beauty in the way that we love each other and give to each other, especially in the sharing, but often I lament and weep over what we gave up to get to this place.

    Innocence lost but powerful love has been gained.


    • Hellen

      Melinda, thank you for telling me about your similar experience. It helps me a lot when I read about other women’s experience.
      It is important to understand this lifestyle beyond the intense moments of sex and sharing that we live.
      I deeply agree with your last sentence.

  • Joe

    Hello Hellen.

    Thanks for sharing your real experience. Reading the wife’s POV helps me a lot to be patient. Yes, my wifa already know about my fantasy, and sometime she likes the idea of it and sometimes she doesn’t. So I guess it is part of the process. I would love to give you more details regarding my process in order to get your feedback and POV. Thanks.

  • Carmen

    Ma bucur enorm ca v-am descoperit site-ul si ma bucura sa vad ca sunteti impliniti.Foarte tare!Si noi o facem de 10 ani, si nu regretam o secunda.Nu am urmat niste pasi, dar o cearta si cateva frustrari ne-au facut sa scoatem la suprafata niste tensiuni sexuale si fantezii neimplinite.Am facut pasul, si de atunci a devenit parte din viata noastra sexuala, si avem o legatura mult mai puternica.De 3 ani facem si Gangbang:).Intensitatea orgasmelor si a placerii este greu de explicat…Dar cel mai important este ca toate astea ne-au adus mai aproape emotional, fizic.

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