Stories from my bedroom

Sunrise on The Top Floor

I rest my palms on the narrow window sill. I climb to the top so I can see the whole street that stretches under the shadow of the buildings. It’s starting to fade. Its lanterns go out one by one as the black of the sky takes on a blue outline. The night begins to dissipate, leaving room for our realities that have nothing in common… Apart from remembering the hours we spent together.

You admire me from the corner of the room, where you retired for a few minutes. I can feel your gaze drawing infinity on my bare back and I turn my head to meet it. Through the cigarette smoke I can give you a subtle smile.
You like the silence between us and you prolong it, continuing to look at me.

I walk away from the window, so as not to disturb the smooth outline of my body in the semi-darkness. And the closer I get to you, the less often you smoke the cigarette, leaving it to burn on its own.

– We’ll say goodbye soon, R. But until then, I want to watch the sunrise together. Come with me to the balcony!

I quickly cover my body with a robe and take your hand. You open the balcony door and go out into the dark. The coolness with which it receives us in the morning excites our senses. It’s sweet and pleasant. And the silence around us allows us to hear our breath.

– Hold me! And look me in the eyes! I was yours and I was happy. Remember this.

You release me from the grip of your arms to wrap my cheeks in your palms. I feel your desire to kiss me in the light of the sunrise that clings timidly to the balcony. But my mouth doesn’t want your lips. Not now. The thrills that control my senses make me slip, lower and lower…, until I get on my knees. I lean on your thighs for balance.

You didn’t expected this. And the surprise is given to you by the long and serious expiration.
I look at you for a few seconds, because I like the way you look at me from above – tender, curious, impatient. Your face tells me so much about how you feel right now, but at the same time, it doesn’t tell me anything about you. And it’s better that way…

– I thought a lot last night about what I could give you before I left. And I remembered that you like the fresh spring sunrise… Breathe this one, baby, with me…, here…, on the top floor.

Then I hide my head under your robe and start kissing the inside of your thighs. Your body is shivering and I love your reaction as my lips touch your balls. I start licking them, slowly, repeatedly, alternating from one to another.

I feel your cock on my cheek, rubbing in the same rhythm with me, waiting for it to receive the pampering of my lips. I postpone the moment as long as I can because I like your body trembling. I let your cock touch my whole face, like in a recognition game, while I continue to caress your balls with wet and warm kisses.

I can feel your hands coming down and caressing the top of my head, urging me not to stop. This madness of feelings is accentuated by the gentle spring breeze that coils on our bodies.

You expose my cheek under the first rays of the sun, and my neck and my right shoulder… to accentuate their beauty, and I put my head to one side.
Then you start rubbing your cock with slow movements, seductively revealing, near my lips, the pink and wet head.

– Come on, moisten my lips with your liquid before you give it to my mouth! I want to suck you, R., in this beautiful sunrise…, here…, outside…, where it’s just us… and the whole world.

I hear my name over and over again, in lower and lower tones. Your erotic voice turns my short, fragile name into a strong vibration, released from the grip of the room we spent the night in.

I decide to intensify the moment and take your cock in my mouth, with the lust and naturalness of a long-awaited hug. I try to memorize every intimate sensation…, to enjoy your taste…, to be a part of me.

I rub my lips to your cock more and more intensely, in your rhythm, in your undulation… while I hug your whole pelvis. You grab my hands and place my palms captively over your ass. Your last ripples excite me so much that I feel my own moisture dripping down my pussy lips.

Your warm cum floods my mouth, sliding gently on my lower lip. I only swallow a part, because I don’t want to take the pleasure of tasting yourself from my lips. I get to my feet and kiss you softly, full of cum. You take my chin in your palm and start to pick up with the tip of your tongue every drop left on my face.

Meanwhile, the sun came over us… warm…, lustful…, romantic


  • Pepecornudo

    Es un placer leer las experiencias de una mujer suele ser habitual siempre sabemos de los sentimientos de nosotros los maridos cornudos pero este juego es a tres bandas y es muy estimulante saber de tu punto de vista.

    • Thomas 31

      Ciao Hellen ,… a parte la tua bellezza sei una moglie,.. sexy è provocante,… adoro tanto a leggere le tue esperienze vivente,… racontate così, ,..con sensualità è tanto erotismo,… per Me Hellen,.. sei la Donna più provocante che o mai cunosciuto,…. soprattutto adoro la tua intelligenza,… una moglie che amo il marito e acesta di essere condivisa con una altro maschio,.. per forza che deve essere molto intelligente,.. bacio con rispetto Thomas dal Italia !…

  • John Pershing

    Wow, you are so incredibly sexy; beautiful, yes, but also intensely attractive in your way, which is even more apparent in your writing. Thank you for the glimpse into your fantastic world.

    • Hellen

      The moments of pleasure pass so quickly, that’s why I want to make them as long as possible through words. I relive intensely, again and again, all those moments of pleasure. Thank you, John, for your comment!

  • Dell

    The way you describe the experience is exquisite. I love the experience of sharing that after kiss with a lady. Something so erotic about sharing that taste with you!!!

  • Jo90

    Dear Hellen
    Wonderfull erotic words you write, the sun coming up, the chill of the air on bare skin, your kiss on his balls oh oh oh, the delights of his manhood, your excitement oh oh gosh. Very good. Thank you, Jo.

  • Jo90

    Dear Hellen
    Your writing is so wonderfully erotic. I dont think I have ever enjoyed something like you have so wonderfully described. Oh to have my balks kissed and licked. Oh gosh, thank you for putting your words on paper.
    Kind regards

  • George

    Hello Ela and Alex,
    A month ago my wife was in a business trip to Romania and in my mind I was thinking of you and your relasionship. I’ve discussed the threesome idea many times with my wife but she can’t understand me and in my mind and for so many years I have this fantasy of sharing her with a stranger or watching her making love. In other occasions I was dreaming of her kissing a stranger lady and having a different pleasure compared to the MMF fantasy. However, my wife does not accept any of my fantasies and she becomes angry as well. Lately I tried buying her a huge soft rubber dilto and to my surprise seeing her using it in front of me makes me feel so hot. Her face expression is different and she climaxes quite quickly. I’ve asked her how it feels and she said fullfiled, different from my dick which by the way is above avarage! I want to become and member and perhaps if you can assist me in finally fullfilling my fantasy by the help of you guys. Looking forward to your reply for more details! G.

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