How I Became a Hotwife

Do you know that feeling of panic that comes when a wave takes you by surprise?

I do. I experienced a suffocating adrenaline rush that dilated my time until I managed to touch the fine sand on the seabed again with my toes. My whole center of balance turned into a deafening whirlwind of thoughts: “What happened?”, “When did the wave appear?”, “Where is the calm sea that surrounded me?”

If you recognize the feeling, then let me confess that I just described to you the mixture of feelings I had on the day when my then boyfriend (today, my husband) shared with me , for the first time, the fantasy of seeing myself in the arms of another man.

I felt confused in a sea of ​​love that I no longer recognized.

I felt disappointed and scared and – most intensely – unappreciated.

I tried to find a breath of fresh air to get me out of the wave: to link my boyfriend’s unusual desire to a real landmark in our life…, a need for change…, an end…

I remembered that his jealousy had always been below detectable limits, which was admirable, of course, to this day. But the idea of ​​sharing me with other men only instilled insecurity in me.

(This passage is part of a series of confessions.)

Although hotwifing is largely about a woman’s sexuality, studies show that, in an overwhelming proportion, this experience is triggered by the husband’s request. Although it may exist latently in the minds of married women (especially in relationships where intimacy has reached a plateau), they rarely demand sexual freedom to experience pleasures with other men, especially in the presence of their husbands.

In my case, the idea was inoculated by my husband, drop by drop, for years. Was it worth his patience? Was it worth my trust?

I know you will answer yes to the two questions. But if you want to know how I see this trip, I invite you to watch future posts.


      • Thomas 31

        Ela ,.. am vazut toate filmulețele ,.. (Alex , Ela , Amante ),.. te ador mult ,.. mi-aș dori foarte mult sa pot convinge pe nevastă-mea sa face un trio cu un alt bărbat ,.. dar nu reușesc sa o conving ,.. cred ca in mintea Ei curiozitatea este mare ,… dar poate ( frica s-au timiditatea ),… am nevoie dela Tine Ela ,.. un consiliu ,.. te pup dulce Thomas !…


      As a husband who really loves to have MFM with my wife, I find the whole “Hotwife” subject fascinating. A massive turn on.

    • Hellen

      Greg, thank you for your message.
      I hope these confessions show all our complexity as a couple.
      Beyond our lifestyle, we are normal people with fears and dreams.

    • Sophy

      Hi Hellen. Many thanks for sharing yr feelings of this difficult however beautifull life style and relationship. I share this and embrace this as well. Pls have a wonderfull day and embrace your Feminen feelings. 👍🌞

      • Hellen

        Sophy, it’s a joy to read your message.
        So few people understand this lifestyle.
        Would you accept my invitation to write a Guest Post on my site? What do you think?

  • Nudistaportus

    I discovered your website from your flickr account. For many years now, like your husband, I have encouraged my wife to have adventures with her friends and colleagues at work. For me it is a very exciting experience that takes us out of the monotony of our lives. I like to recognise my own fantasies in other people’s fantasies. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences!


  • Constantine

    Its a fantastic lifestyle, me and my wife are married for more than 15 years and we are together more than 20 years. When i first proposed she felt just like you. But after our first experience in 2004 she loved as i do. Thanx for sharing.

  • Rollo

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, feelings -and your sense of insecurity and panic when you were first confronted with the idea of being shared sexually.
    The mental and emotional dynamics shared by a hotwife couple are complex indeed – and the balance of trust and security – and desire – are forever changing – and likely different in each case.
    I think that your story is so important to those of us who are priveliged to have been invited to share in relationships like yours on the most intimate level.
    Thank you again! Very much appreciated.

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