Stories from my bedroom,  Threesome

The Black Eyeshade

The first spotlight comes on. A bright white light wakes up part of the room. Then another one and another one. In the play of lights directed by Alex, I feel so beautiful. Naked, with sensual lines.

We look at ourselves insistently and let our imagination numb our senses. The time stands still with us, leaving only our hearts beating hard.

All our emotions turn into amazement, the amazement we have before each meeting.

“Are we fine? Is it a good time? Should we move on?”

And we hold hands to remove any trace of insecurity. As soon as the smile makes its way back to our faces, I feel it’s time to try on the black dress, which I received as a gift and which lures me from the edge of the bed.

I lie on my toes and twist slightly as I let my husband put the dress on my body. It fits me perfectly. He has known me for so long that any gift from him is right for me. And he knows it.

I feel his hot lips go down my neck, towards my cleavage, while his palms softly touch my breasts that are hidden under the dress. The grasp is pleasant and exciting, it makes me tilt my head with pleasure. And Alex takes the opportunity to turn on the camera.

It’s time for the final touches, put the camera on the tripod, check the spotlights, set their intensity and take a black satin eyeshade out of his pocket. I immediately realize what he is going to do, but I am too excited to resist. So I let him blindfold me.

I ask him:

Is it really necessary, Alex?

His fingers slide deep into my vagina and I hear him whisper:

Today you will make love to another man without seeing his face. I want you to be guided by the other senses. While I will admire you from a distance.

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